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US-3314169-A: Educational device patent, US-3314930-A: Butene-1 polymerization catalyst patent, US-3327062-A: Multiplex delay line time compressor patent, US-3339865-A: Anti-hydroplaning for aircraft patent, US-3360892-A: Wall construction for buildings patent, US-3368770-A: Coil handling apparatus patent, US-3375198-A: Alkali metal perborates patent, US-3376590-A: Socketing machine patent, US-3382983-A: Multi-layered filter apparatus patent, US-3393062-A: Apparatus for and methods of toughening glass articles patent, US-3397540-A: Hybrid rocket motor having turbulator-mixer apparatus patent, US-3403683-A: Method of preventing breast blisters in poultry patent, US-3418679-A: Windshield wiper patent, US-3452912-A: Roller adjusting mechanism patent, US-3459604-A: Metal surface coating methods patent, US-3464462-A: Ear inspection and detection apparatus patent, US-3465754-A: Brassiere patent, US-3467102-A: Leader type catheter patent, US-3471628-A: Oil-filled cable terminal with conductive,elastomeric stress cone patent, US-3487439-A: Disposable container for waste cooking grease patent, US-3488201-A: Food container and method of making same patent, US-3488496-A: X-ray film transport device having means for controlling the desired length of film frame patent, US-3496836-A: Redundant control system having fail-operate fail-neutral and channel emergency select patent, US-3504591-A: Torque limiting nut patent, US-3515838-A: Electrical discharge machining pulse duration control apparatus and method patent, US-3528797-A: Chemical suppression of nitrogen oxides patent, US-3528978-A: N-((haloalkyl)thio)-1,2-pyridazinecarboximides patent, US-3529371-A: Latching mechanism for plastic desk calendar stand patent, US-3537819-A: Manufacture of phosphoryl fluoride and difluorophosphoric acid patent, US-3554167-A: Boiler construction patent, US-3558922-A: Full wave phase control integrated circuit patent, US-3604110-A: Method of making an electrical terminal board assembly patent, US-3628764-A: Concrete form patent, US-3638626-A: Engine spark timing control device patent, US-3649238-A: Glass bulb blowing machine patent, US-3672551-A: Burster with interrupted drive patent, US-3691867-A: Control devices patent, US-3704014-A: Quick adjusting c-clamp patent, US-3711098-A: Portable, mechanical lasso training apparatus patent, US-3718942-A: Caster assembly with integral horn and pintle and method of making same patent, US-3726394-A: Respirator package construction patent, US-3750880-A: Distributor for rectangular flat items patent, US-2420337-A: Brake beam safety hanger patent, US-2433471-A: Rotary valve patent, US-2438323-A: Tractor fifth wheel mounting patent, US-2450189-A: Drop hammer, stamp, and the like patent, US-2454077-A: Valve patent, US-2456137-A: Air brake apparatus patent, US-2456759-A: Acetylene tetramethacrylate and polymers thereof patent, US-2457797-A: Process for the preparation of apigment complex, including a reacted starch patent, US-2477979-A: Dual band permeability tuning unit patent, US-2480195-A: High-frequency amplifier with controlled load impedance patent, US-2483141-A: Process for producing dialkyl-carbamic-acid esters of dialkyl-aminoethanols patent, US-2485146-A: Manufacture of chloro cresoxy acetic acid patent, US-2485862-A: Piston ring patent, US-2490591-A: Motor-driven tuning control for radio receivers patent, US-2505696-A: Tubular gas heater, particularly for the heating of compressed propulsive gases for turbines patent, US-2505742-A: Overload release clutch patent, US-2519029-A: Selective system patent, US-2538551-A: Signaling device for fishing lines patent, US-2542156-A: Collapsible gate patent, US-2544845-A: Transformer construction patent, US-2546990-A: Dry film gauge patent, US-2547840-A: Sectional mattress patent, US-2550639-A: Bleaching and filling leather with amino-sulfonic acid-methylol melamine type resins patent, US-2566410-A: Solid essential oil concentrate and process of preparing the same patent, US-2579416-A: Reaction of gaseous ammonia with hydrocarbon silicon halides patent, US-2598977-A: Automatic poultry feeder patent, US-2603966-A: Shield and light cell pickup for oscilloscopes patent, US-2619608-A: Post-deflected color kinescope patent, US-2621330-A: Bib patent, US-2639395-A: Control patent, US-2646524-A: Electron tube patent, US-2657085-A: Door latch patent, US-2668129-A: Paintbrush cleaning method patent, US-2676850-A: Ornamental wheel trim for vehicle wheels patent, US-2677824-A: Lens fastening means for goggles patent, US-2683143-A: Process for the production of lower aliphatic acid esters of cellulose containing a morpholine substituent patent, US-2690483-A: Direction signal switch mechanism patent, US-2704100-A: Bottles and like containers and closures therefor patent, US-2719490-A: Car trucks patent, US-2722988-A: Tractor wheel spacing means patent, US-2724493-A: Conveyor belt cleaning arrangement patent, US-2739954-A: Production of adhesives and adhesive bases from synthetic rubber latex by causing phase inversion with a protective colloid and adding organic solvent patent, US-2741734-A: Inverter circuit patent, US-2755691-A: Wire stripper patent, US-2760696-A: Hosiery turner and method patent, US-2773228-A: Electrical control systems patent, US-2781217-A: One piece car door seal patent, US-2789102-A: Rubber compositions patent, US-2794081-A: Circuit selector patent, US-2804605-A: Magnetic recording playback circuits patent, US-2807112-A: Grenade launcher for a gun with a gas cylinder patent, US-2809797-A: Portable bucket support for fruit pickers patent, US-2814692-A: Electromechanical timing device patent, US-2815887-A: Container liner patent, US-2818276-A: Hitching device for trailers or the like patent, US-2823035-A: Target towing and exchange apparatus patent, US-2823312-A: Semiconductor network patent, US-2825722-A: Process for the polymerization of alpha-chloroacrylonitrile patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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